Insufficient Antenna

I’ve been having trouble with my antenna.  I live in a small. two-story, single-family house in a gated community.  Appearance is a serious consideration.  Something I’ve partly ignored to date, but it didn’t help me anyway.  Next door to me is a house that was abandoned during construction.  I used that house and my house to string a fan dipole diagonally between them.  There are a couple of problems.  The antenna is only just above the trees/shrubs.  Any higher and it would draw too much attention.  This has the side effect of meaning that the antenna is still below the rooflines of both houses.  I’m not getting much signal out or in for that matter.  Here, take a look.

Currently Fan Dipole Setup

Clearly this is not going to suffice.  I’m looking at other options.  With our small, postage stamp sized lot, a tower is no option.  Plus, we won’t be living here forever.  Anything I do must be temporary since we are only leasing.  I spoke to our landlord and got permission to remove the three TV antennas on the back of the house.  There is a small mast bolted into the side of the house.  I’m thinking about using a Comet brand H-422 on the mast.  What do you think?  Any better antenna recommendations?  I’m all ears!

Possible Antenna Mast


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