IARU HF Championship – 2016

I briefly participated in the IARU HF Championship this year. I started out during the first hour or so of the competition. And things were going pretty great considering my modest HF station. The problem was that 1200 UTC is actually 1900 here. Which meant that I was already well into the grey line when the contest started. At about 2010 (1310 UTC) the band died on me. So, I packed it up and decided to try again in the morning.

The problem, the band never came back. I was only able to work one contact in the morning and even that was difficult.

Nevertheless, I have some observations from this contest. I know this is a soapbox, but if you’re calling CQ for a contest, take the time to listen for low-power stations. There were a number of times I tried to call a station, including one of the IARU HQ stations, and they just repeated their pre-recorded CQ every after only listening for two seconds. Two seconds!

While I realize you want to catch a station spinning the VFO knob, still take the time to listen. If you’re transmitting CQ every two seconds, you’ll likely never hear the low power and QRP stations. And by ignoring them, you’re just wasting that time repeating your CQ call. Which would you rather do, call CQ or make a contact?

Now onto the unusual positive experiences. I contacted one of my twitter followers! I knew I recognized his call sign when I heard him. But I wasn’t initially sure why. So, after the contact, I jumped on twitter and searched for his call. Low-and-behold, there he was, following me and me following him! Hello Khun Boy, HS8GLR!

Below are the simple 10 contacts I logged. I don’t have QSL confirmation yet. But I thought I’d post it in case you were wondering.

QSO: 14203 PH 2016-07-10 0324 HS0ZMJ OL6HQ
QSO: 14190 PH 2016-07-09 1256 HS0ZMJ 8N8HQ
QSO: 14210 PH 2016-07-09 1249 HS0ZMJ JA3JOT
QSO: 14245 PH 2016-07-09 1241 HS0ZMJ XV2HQ
QSO: 14286 PH 2016-07-09 1230 HS0ZMJ UN1HQ
QSO: 14268 PH 2016-07-09 1220 HS0ZMJ HS8GLR
QSO: 14233 PH 2016-07-09 1215 HS0ZMJ BV0HQ
QSO: 14226 PH 2016-07-09 1211 HS0ZMJ HS0ZCW
QSO: 14205 PH 2016-07-09 1206 HS0ZMJ YE0HQ
QSO: 14197 PH 2016-07-09 1204 HS0ZMJ 9M2MDX

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