APRS – Local Information

One of the goals of APRS that appears to be gaining a lot of traction over the past few years is that of supplying local information via the network. I’m going to explain this one with a few examples and allow you to develop your own conclusion as to how it may best serve you, your club, or a special event.

First is information on voice repeaters. If you decide to setup your own digipeater (digital repeater), I suggest including at least one object. That object could be the frequency, PL tone, and even the local net day and time of the local voice repeater. Think of just how useful this can be to someone either visiting from out of town or even just passing through. It can be very cumbersome to use a repeater directory or a repeater finder smartphone app while driving. Especially if only a driver is in the vehicle. Having that information display on the screen of the radio has proven itself very useful. Several of the newer radios with built-in APRS functionality have a QSY button allowing the user to immediately tune to the recommended repeater with the proper PL tone already set.

Another great example of the APRS Local Information initiative is for Ham Fest objects. Not only can the radio display the location of the hamfest, it can provide the talk-in frequency. Again, the newer radios have a QSY button allowing the user a single button to immediately tune the radio to the proper frequency. This is also a great use for any Ham Radio special event! Field Day, November Sweepstakes, etc…

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