A Massive Change in Direction for HS0ZMJ

I can’t really say this blog has any following at all. And that is solely my fault. When I moved to Thailand 2.5 years ago, I had expectations for my home, my antenna, my shack, and generally how I was going to run my station.

None of those things happened. The house I moved into was a fraction of the size of what I expected. The yard was non-existent. I only had a mast meant for a TV antenna on the outside of the house to use for an antenna, and I only had one closet sized room for a shack. To top that off, my wife wound up using the shack as her office while I’m home from work in the evenings. Meaning, I can almost never get in there.

So, my HF aspirations fell through. I’ve gotten on the air. But only a handful of times. And when I do get the chance to get on the air, radio propagation has been horrendous. This has led me to find another way to operate in my last few months in Thailand.

I just ordered an Arrow dual band directional handheld antenna, a voice recorder, and a headset to go with my Kenwood TH-D72A. I’m going to try satellites! I’ve been watching more and more hams on Twitter and Instagram getting into satellite operations. It seems like a good way to combat the bad shortwave propagation.

Yes, I’m late getting into the game. But I’ll document my trials and tribulations here on this blog. I’ll start with a list and pictures of the equipment once it has finally arrived at my home in Thailand. Wish me luck!

73 de HS0ZMJ

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